Lost File Recovery Mac : How To Recover Your Lost File Recovery Mac With Ease

Nobody wants to lose their valuable files such as images, documents, videos and other similar data but sometimes due to some of the unwanted reasons these valuable files has been lost or deleted. Sometimes because of some of the reasons our stored files, images, docs got deleted due to corruption of storage memory, malware or virus attacks, intentionally and accidental deletion or formatted, Improper Operation, unexpected power off, system crash in memory card or hard drive and similar other reasons. It might seems sophisticated few years ago but in recent times lost file recovery mac becomes very easy and effortless due to the availability of so many impressive data recovery software or tools that can recover your lost or deleted data or files on Mac OS. In Mac OS Trash is a part where all the deleted data has been stored. In case you deleted a wrong file on the Mac then it stored into Trash Bin. So you can recover your mistaken delete data but if you empty the trash bin area then its impossible to recover your deleted or lost Mac files or data again. Many a times you may lose your files due to your mistake or common file deletion scenarios are listed below for your reference:

  • Un-intensional Deletion: Most of the Mac users have a habit of deleting unnecessary files to avail or increase their storage space for storing new data on their Mac OS. But in certain instances, while deleting unwanted files or data, you may accidentally delete some important files or folders.

  • Emptying or Deleting Trash: One more mistake that Mac users often do in hurry is clearing the contents of Trash without checking the files that is over there. As you already know that deleted files can be restored from Trash Bin. If the trashed items are too deleted, then you will not be able to get back those files with simple restore option.

  • File deletion from Antivirus software: Sometimes the third party applications like Antivirus software that you use to protect your Mac OS may delete the files infected by malware or virus without giving any notifications.

Then after you need a third party Mac data recovery software that helps you to lost file recovery mac from emptied trash bin recovery back.

Lost File Recovery Mac : How To Recover lost/Deleted Data In Recent Times

Now a days, data recovery is based on the files system which means it is individual file types. Due to this recovery makes recovery more robust and consistent because the file system is no longer dependent upon it. So it makes no difference if a disk has been formatted or not. There is no need of specific file system because now file system is also independent. It can work on hard disks, USB sticks and SSD’s, SD cards, digital cameras. In order to get rid of the deleted/lost data scenario you have to use some of the third party data recovery on mac applications to recover your lost or deleted data and mac trash bin recovery. So some of the suggested or most promising software which recovers your valuable files and data are explained below.

Most Recommended Paid Or Free Software To Lost File Recovery Mac

Software Rank

Software Name

User’s Rating

Download Link

Technical Support


Stellar Mac Data Recovery


EaseUS Mac Data Recovery


Remo Mac Data Recovery Software


iSkysoft Mac Data Recovery


Highly Rated Paid Software To Lost File Recovery Mac

#Rank 1. Stellar Mac Data Recovery

Stellar Mac Data Recovery is a superb data recovery tool which is specially designed for the data recovery on Mac OS. This recovery tool performs a safe and reliable recovery of lost/damaged/formatted videos, multimedia files, images and documents that has been intentionally or accidentally deleted or formatted from various file systems. It has superb ability to recover lost files on MacBook Pro, Air, Mac, iMac, Mini, and Mac Pro. It provides you RAW recovery on lost/deleted mac volumes and recover data from your encrypted file systems. It can perform ease file recovery from unmounted OS X volumes. You can perform a complete lost file recovery Mac OS X happen due to logical disk errors. This recovery tool also recovers deleted files from your Time Machine hard drive. It is highly compatible with various versions of macOS Sierra 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6.

System Requirements For Stellar Mac Data Recovery

Processor Intel (G5 or Later)
Hard Disk Free space of 50 MB
Operating System macOSSierra10.12 to Yosemite10.10,Mavericks10.9,MountainLion10.8,LionOSX10.7, OSX10.6, SnowLeopard
Memory 1 GB minimum

Tremendous Features Of Stellar Mac Data Recovery Software

1. Mac Data Recovery – Stellar Mac Data Recovery is an awesome professional software that offers a wide range of helpful and attractive features to get back your lost or deleted data from inaccessible volumes such as videos, images, photos, music, documents and other multimedia files. This recovery software performs recovery operations after various kinds of disasters like drive formatting, accidental or intensional deletion of data from your Mac OS. It applies some of the advanced techniques to scan your hard drive to recover you lost data and let you recover them with ease.

2. Recover Permanently Trashed Files From Mac OS – Stellar Mac Data Recovery is a premium recovery software which is developed with competent algorithm that can successfully achieve restoration from permanently deleted data or files from you hard drive or Mac OS. On Mac system deleted data is stored into the “Trash” until it is permanently deleted from the system. You can delete your data by pressing “Command + Shift + Option + Delete” can delete the data permanently from Mac. By using Stellar Mac Data Recovery undelete the data in few clicks. In addition of this you can also restores the data to their original locations along with their original file names.

3. Recover Deleted Volumes – If you can not spot volumes on your Mac OS? Then use Stellar Mac Data Recovery to restore them in very quick time. This terrific application helps you to rebuild deleted/corrupted/damaged/formatted volumes on any HFS, HFS+, FAT, NTFS, or ExFAT formatted drives. This recovery software quickly restore deleted volumes on your Mac OS devices like iMac, Mini, Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini etc.

4. Deleted/Lost Media Recovery – Mac users lost/deleted their valuable images or other multimedia files due to sudden attacks of malware or virus and accidental drive formatting etc. Then so not worry so much just use Stellar Mac Data Recovery software to restore all your lost media files with ease. It used their powerful scan techniques to recover all your files and restore them with their original file names and storage location as it was in previous.

#Rank 2. EaseUS Mac Data Recovery

EaseUS Mac Data Recovery is a professional data recovery tool which works effectively to recover data that has been formatted or deleted from MacBook, Memory card, iMac, Hard Drive, SSD, USB drive, SD card, digital camera, media players and similar devices. It offers various kinds of recovery such as deleted file recovery, formatted or RAW file recovery, data recovery from partition loss and similar other data loss situations. Your data is very precious to you but sometimes it may lost or deleted due to some of the reasons like corruption, accidental deletion or formatting, virus or malware attacks, unusual system shut down, power failure and so on. Due to these of the reasons your precious data might got deleted or lost and you started thinking what should do to get back. Then just use this EaseUS Mac Data Recovery which certainly helps you to recover all your lost mac data and lost file recovery mac on your system.

System Requirements Of EaseUS Mac Data Recovery

Operating System

  • macOS 10.12 (Sierra)
  • Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)
  • Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)
  • Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)
  • Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)
  • Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

File System

  • HFS+
  • HFS X
  • FAT (FAT16, FAT32)
  • NTFS
  • exFAT


Minimum 1 GHz

Disk Space

32 MB Minimum

Attractive Features Of EaseUS Mac Data Recovery

Lost File Recovery Mac under EaseUS Mac Data Recovery on recent Mac OS Sierra and previous Mac OS X with specially designed mac data recovery features that really take effects in saving data from destructive crisis. Some of the features are given below ;

1. Protection Of Mac Data – Mac Data Protection defends files from destructive disasters. By using simple and complete protection EaseUS Mac Data Recovery keeps particular selected files on specific partition always protected. When protective files falls into Trash, relative details are start displaying alerts of some kinds of threat attacks.

2. Smart Monitoring Of Disk – Smart disk monitoring alerts you before severe hard drive failure. EaseUS Mac Data Recovery provides real time disk monitoring feature which keeps a control on whole disk status and any changes of partitions. Then its an obvious to take action to resolve disk failure and recover data very quickly from the corrupted or formatted disk at the first time data loss occurs.

3. Disk View – Disk view states you about your disk space usages of the system. A good knowledge of hard disk space is beneficial for data security guarantee. EaseUS Mac Data Recovery allows proper disk view that displays how disk space is used already in case of excess usages that may causes data loss.

Pros And Cons Of EaseUS Mac Data Recovery



EaseUS Mac Data Recovery recovered files from emptied trash.

It possibly doesn’t report and recover all the lost files.

#Rank 3. Remo Photo Mac Data Recover

Remo Mac Data Recovery Software is a handy data recovery tool for Mac OS. It is a universal binary application which supports both of the platforms Mac and Windows. It has a powerful in-built scanning algorithm helps you in find and recover deleted or lost files due to application errors, deleted or missing volumes of hard drive, accidentally formatted hard drive, repartitioned Mac drives and similar. No matter how your files such as photos, videos, were deleted/lost/formatted/erased accidentally or intentionally Remo Mac Data Recovery Software will help you to recover all your lost/deleted/formatted media files on on your Mac OS easily. It recovers all of your valuable photos, memories, music, videos, and similar multimedia files as well as RAW digital photos generated by professional DSLR cameras photos in just few minutes.

Stunning Features Of Remo Mac Data Recovery Software

  • Quickly scan your entire storage media to restore photo, videos, and media files.

  • Built-in special scanning algorithm locates and restores all deleted or lost media files in a few minutes.

  • It can easily recover lost/deleted/formatted photos, videos, other media files from Mac OS.

  • This recovery tool identifies and preserves file names after recovery.

  • This tool undeleted the media files which is emptied from Trash.

  • Remo Mac Data Recovery Software can recovers up to 50 popular media file types.

  • You can preview of recovered files before restoration to lost file recovery Mac.

  • It supports digital RAW photo formats on the base of their unique signatures.

System Requirements For Remo Mac Data Recovery Software

OS supported

Mac OS X 10.5.x, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, macOS Sierra

Free Space

50 MB Free disk space

RAM Requires

Minimum 1 GB (recommended 2 GB)

Installation Requirements

Login as system admin

Free Data Recovery Software To Lost File Recovery Mac

#Rank 4. iSkysoft Mac Data Recovery

In computing files could lost due to various reasons like accidental or intensional deletion, system crash, virus or malware attacks, sudden power failure, improper system shut down. But don’t worry you may get back from Trash if you did not delete it from here permanently. But if you done so then also do not worry so much just install this iSkysoft Mac Data Recovery which is probably one of the most significant data recovery software which helps to lost file recovery mac deleted iPhoto, documents, photos, videos, email, USB drives, memory cards, cameras and other lost media files on your Mac OS. It is a high efficiency and smart data recovery program that helps you to get back your lost data or files. It also guarantees the high success rate as well.

Specific Features Of iSkysoft Mac Data Recovery

  • Scan and recover deleted, formatted, and lost files on your Mac OS.

  • It supports Mac drives, USB drives, and most of the external storage drives.

  • iSkysoft Mac Data Recovery recovers files with their original names and folders.
  • It supports various file types such as JPG,MOV, MP3, ZIP, EML etc.
  • iskysoft.comMac Data Recovery supports wide variety of file systems like FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, HFS+, HFSX and NTFS.
  • You can see the preview before the recovery of recovered files, photos, documents and similar data.

iSkysoft Mac Data Recovery : Pros And Cons



1. Easy to use designed and user friendly interface.

1. This program comes with a price tag.

2. No technical skills needed to use this program.

3. Intuitive wizard like structure.

#Rank 5. Data Rescue 4 Mac Data Recovery

Data Rescue 4 Mac Data Recovery is a Mac data recovery software which is specially designed by Prosoft Engineering. It is highly used data recovery tool to recover lost/deleted files, media files, documents, photos and easy to use. It works very smoothly and recover every files, regardless of file various file systems. It has many of promising features which makes it as a favorite and helpful for the Mac OS users who affected by the data lost/damage/deleted issues. So it is a boon for the victims of data lost. It supports a wide variety of file systems. This software gives you an ease of use facility that means it is very easy to use. You can download it on your system and installed and then start scanning in just few minutes. It recovers your deleted or lost data as most of the time with their original file names and sizes which is really an impressive feature.

Features Are Included In Data Rescue 4 Mac Data Recovery

  1. Quick Scan

  2. Deleted File Scan

  3. Clone

  4. Deep Scan

  5. RAID Support

  6. BootWell

  7. File IQ Technology

System Requirements For Data Rescue 4 Mac Data Recovery

  • A Secondary Hard Drive

  • macOS 10.8 or later (For macOS 10.4.11-10.7.5, use Data Rescue 3)

  • An Internet Connection

Pros And Cons Of Data Rescue 4 Mac Data Recovery



Data Rescue 4 Mac Data Recovery has an awesome file recovery features, available tech support service, an integrated chat buttons, generous licensing with physical recovery lab.

Data Rescue 4 Mac Data Recovery has not been designed with advanced filtering which causes difficult to shift through results and also hides some of their features.

Download Data Rescue 4 Mac Data Recovery Software

Top Picking Reasons Of Stellar Mac Data Recovery To Lost File Recovery Mac

Stellar Mac Data Recovery is a most trustworthy tool in the section to recover lost/deleted/formatted/ data, files, photos, documents, iPhoto, emails, videos, and other multimedia files in just some clicks. It is the best among all the recovery software and there is some reasons behind it. It given their pride services since 1993. It is most searched data recovery software on search engines. It has been uniquely designed with some of the most advanced scan and recovery techniques. It gives technical support services to their users. The valuable number of users crossed a mark over 2 Billion above. It gives their services in more than 190 countries and recently the stellar won CIO Award 2017 for their awesome service.

Quick Steps To Install Stellar Mac Data Recovery On Your Mac OS

Step 1. Download Stellar Mac Data Recovery application on your Mac.

Step 2. Double click on Stellar Mac Data Recovery application .DMG File.

Step 3. Drag Stellar to your Application folder and then Run.