About Us

Anderson Clark

Anderson Clark is a Computer Science graduate and now he is a Chief Programming head in one of popular MNC situated in California . He has developed many Computer Network Security Software for Mac Operating system . He has learn t many programming techniques which helped him a lot while preparing software . He has a lot of experience in programming anti spyware , anti virus and other threat removal software which help in protecting Mac system .

He has also keen interest in reading magazine as well as writing articles on latest PC threat and other common problems like Trash recovery .

Allen Andrew

Allen Andrew is a Software Development Officer in a reputed multinational company .He has got 10 years experience as a Software Developer and developed many software for Mac system . He did his masters in computer science from Oklahoma university and started his career as a simple programming Tester .

Apart from his job , he has interest in painting , blog , article writing on Mac operating system . He has experience and skills in many programming languages like .Net , Java ,C# ,Visual Basic etc . He has developed many web application using XHTML code to protect Mac system from virus , spy wares , and other dangerous infection .