How to Fix Mac Error Code 43 File Not Found?

Mac Error 43 is one of the genuine error found in the Mac OS when user try to connect to the Windows share. Error 43 in Mac can also occur when user tries to copy files from or to the windows share. User see an alert message box which displays Mac Error 43 File Not Found similar to one mentioned below:

“The operation cannot be completed because one or more required items cannot be found. (Error code = -43).”

There can be many reasons behind this error. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Use of illegal characters in the file name.
  • Permissions issue related to file.
  • Non-existent share point of file.
  • Internal OS problem.
  • Hard disk issue.

To Fix Error Code 43 Mac OS X, user will need to understand the above mentioned causes which gives rise to this error. There is a difference between naming convention of files and folders in Windows and Mac OS. User will find that there are some character which are allowed in naming the file in Mac but not allowed in Windows environment. While sharing the files/folders with such characters, Mac Error 43 appears up. So user need to follow the naming protocol before proceeding for any such file transfer.

Some of the characters which are not allowed are
? [ ] / \ = + < > ; : “ , | *

So user will have to remove these characters from the name assuming it as necessary step for Mac Error 43 Fix. If the error occurs while connecting to the Windows File Sharing SMB server then there is problem in the share name character. Use of illegal characters should be removed from the share name to fix the problem.

Permission issue can also give rise to Mac Error 43 File Not Found. This happens when the name of a share point used by the user to connect to SMB server doesn’t have required permissions. In such case user should first try to connect to server with URL without the use of share name. When connected then user should choose the adequate share point name to move forward. This will certainly Fix Error Code 43 Mac OS X. Error 43 Mac also occurs due to non-existent share point of file. In this cause, the share point which user tries to access through URL doesn’t exist. User can simply remove the name of the share point leaving on the server name will display the existing share point on the server.

Some internal problem of Mac OS or internal hard disk issue can also cause Mac Error 43. In such case user will have to format the disk. Definitely it will lead to loss of important data but there is an option of using Mac Data Recovery Software to restore all the data back to system. Mac Data Recovery Software fix data loss problem which occurred after formatting of system due to Error 43 Mac. The software provides features of recovering any kind of data from any kind of disks. Various kinds of recovery options are provided in this software which includes selective recovery, raw recovery, etc. Get this software to restore all the lost data from any kind of memory.

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