How to Repair Corrupt Entourage Database and Recover Data Back

Entourage is the application used as email client and personal information manager developed by Microsoft for Mac OS. It stores all its data in RGE file which act as the database of entourage. In certain situation the database of entourage gets damaged and all the data of the application becomes inaccessible. User then requires to repair the corrupt entourage database to get back access on the data. The error occurs in the database is mainly due to the waste space which develops in the database of entourage. After the creation of database for entourage on the hard disk, the space are allotted to data as the work are done. The continuous process gives rise to inconsistency, then lead to creation of void spaces which ultimately corrupts the database.

Users have few options through which they can recover corrupt entourage database. First of all they can use Database utility to rebuild the entourage database. If that option fails then user can go for third party mac entourage recovery software. Repair of entourage database occurs when one of the following problem arises :

  • Entourage fails to open up.
  • The items of the entourage database doesn’t open.
  • Blank lines or void spaces starts appearing in the message of entourage.
  • Contact entry of entourage are incorrectly displayed.
  • Search result displays nothing.
  • Blank Office Reminders displays.
  • Disappearance of clippings in scrapbook.
  • Added information in the calendar and contacts goes on missing.

User can recover corrupt entourage database by rebuilding it. Steps to perform such operation are mentioned below:

  • Close all the running application.
  • Launch Entourage by holding down Alt key. Keep holding the key until Database Utility window doesn’t appears.
  • Select the database in the Database Utility window. Click on Rebuild database and press Continue.
  • The database repair progress can be seen in the rebuilding of main identity window.
  • Once the process completes, click on Done and Quit Entourage.

Now relaunch Entourage to confirm whether Database Utility successfuly Recover Corrupt Entourage Database or not. If the error still persist then user must use third party software to repair corrupt entourage database. Third party Mac Entourage database recovery software is very powerful software which uses highly sophisticated algorithm to repair and restore all the data of entourage. Using this software, user can restore the emails, notes, journals, tasks, contacts, etc very easily. The software leaves no stone unturned in repairing the database and providing user full-fledged solution for restoring the lost entourage data.

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