Know about Mac Mountain Lion Upgrade issue.

Mac user using the older version OS namely Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion, generally like to upgrade their OS to Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. But their are few issues related to upgradation of Mac OS which its user faces. Various kinds of errors occurs while upgradation of the OS as reported by its users. The error can range from bug in application to problems related to hardware. This creates a sense of panic among users as the most important thing of the system i.e. data stands on the verge of getting lost.



Lets first see some of the application related issues which user can face while upgrading to Mac OS 10.8. If user is looking for upgrading the OS from Lion or Snow Leopard then it will be a easy process. But upgrading OS from Leopard to directly Mountain Lion is not possible. Leopard doesn’t have Apple Center app in it which comes from Snow Leopard version. So user will have to first install Snow Leopard then try to upgrade it to 10.8 Mountain Lion. User also comes across speed issues, like the process gets hangs in between. They also face “Beach Ball of Death” i.e. white screen error while loading OS X. The issues also carries the slow working or freezing of Safari browser. Apart from these problem with mail services of Outlook and Yahoo in Mac after upgradation and AirPlay Mirroring are also reported.

These were some of the issues related to applications, there are also some hardware problem which user faces while upgradation. The error reports about problem in hard-disk. Some of the errors regarding hardware issues are mentioned below:

Bad hard link creation date

Incorrect number of file hard links

Hard link record has data extents

Mac Mountain Lion Upgrade issue includes problems related to Mac OS which points towards hard drive which is absolutely fine. One possible way of fixing the problem is by restting the PRAM. As the problem leads to data loss because OS doesn’t loads so its resolution is very much necessary. PRAM can be reset in Mac by restarting the system and holding ‘cmd + option + p + r‘. It should beep twice than its normal one beep. From here on user can use Time Machine for backup of data. If no data backup has been made then use mac data recovery software to get all the lost data back.

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