How to Resolve Mac Startup Disk Issues & Recover Data Files Back

The disk utility feature of Apple Mac computers meant for resolving minor disk issues is continuously upgraded to make it worth the purpose, being able to take note of all instances of file corruption efficiently. This eases Mac users task of fixing any issues that the system comes across at some point of time unexpectedly. Talking of Mac systems and the errors perceived in between, disk utility and fsck work as the helping hand to overcome problems efficiently. The utility is quite helpful when it comes to having the file system existing issues detected and resolved thereupon. Most of the Mac startup issues could be resolved after rebooting the system, but if it does not happen so, efficient fix and recovery methods need to be utilized.

What causes Mac Startup Disk Issues ?

Mac startup disk error message, which is one among the critical issue of OS X system is known to arise for a wide number of reasons from forcible system shutdown, to unexpected restart, power failure and like which eventually hampers functioning of the system concerned and could even end up complete data loss and corruption. As such, if the very problem has tricked your system, then along with Mac Startup issues troubleshooting, you do need to opt equipped means for Mac Recovery in order to have the lost data files retrieved.

Mac Startup Disk Error

If this is the case with you and you are in need to resolve the very issue outrightly then it is quite important to take note of the instance carefully. This usually would begin with execution of Disk Utility whereby disk associated errors could be sorted out. The message generated at that point of time reads as –

“File system dirty, run fsck”

Following this error user is taken at command prompt, which asks for input to be done. Also, this in itself indicates that it is viable and suggested to use FSCK command rather than utilizing disk utility. This floods up your system with numerous annoying issues as those of unexpected starts, freezing and crash, blue screen errors and in spite of trying hard to get the system started, user fails to log on to Desktop or Windows.

How to fix Mac Startup Disk Issues & Recover Lost Data Files Back ?

Following are the steps to be taken over so as to get over the problem of volume corruption & get Mac Startup Issues Troubleshooting done

  • Booting in safe mode – starting in safe mode often helps, since this is the mode when the system does an auto checkup and also does repair the file system existing issues. The utilities meant for safe mode repair varies with the version of OS X used as such the more advanced versions will have more equipped fixing functionality. Once you are done with it, try booting in normal mode once again and with this the issues you have been experiencing would get sorted out.
  • Disk Utility – in this case you need to have the Mac installation disc and following this you need to restart Mac while keeping the C key pressed. For volume recovery, the utility windows will first open up from there click on the disk utility option and disk checkup after it, for getting the issues repaired.
  • Fsck – if the above mentioned methods fail to work, consider using fsck in single user mode. For this, use the command given as – /sbin/fsck/ -fy. This comprises of 5 step checking process after which you will be able to know the way out for getting the problem fixed. In case the volume appears to be working it shows message as ‘OK’ or ‘FILE SYSTEM WAS MODIFIED’ if there exists bugs to be fixed. Following, this reboot command is to be executed and once you are done with it, just press enter. Thereafter the system would boot normally, asking user to login.

If this works, you would all easily be able to get things to work properly once again. But, for cases it does not help entire attempt goes in vain and it becomes quite important for users to have a proper means for restoring those missing data items. Having an updated backup helps, but if things does not happen as such you need to try an equipped Mac Data Recovery Software for retrieving those deleted and missing data items back properly and completely.

Mac Data Recovery supports easy and efficient recovery in all cases of loss, deletion, files missing or corrupted, trash emptied and like appropriately. Further, it is made to comply with all file system volumes – HFS, HFS+, HFSX, HFS Wrapper used on Macintosh OS X and is supported on all latest OS X versions from – Mountain Lion 10.8, 10.7 Lion. Snow Leopard 10.6, Leopard 10.5, Tiger 10.4, 10.3.9 Panther etc. So, get over the data loss issues easily now with this most advanced utility, download and install now to retrieve data back within moments.

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