Mountain Lion Fails to Boot : How to recover lost data from Mac Volume.

Assume about a day when you moved on to start your Mac system and found that Mountain Lion fails to boot. Continuous attempt to start the system fails right at the time of loading. Your system contains important data and files like documents in the form of word file, excel file, presentation for office use. The hard drive also contains images, videos, reports, records, etc. Anyone will definitely search different option for data recovery from non-bootable mac volume. So is it possible to recover all the data from inaccessible mac drive? Is there any hope of restoring lost data from non-bootable mac volume?



The answer is yes, there is various ways to recover data from inaccessible and non-bootable mac drive. But before going for the recovery process, lets see the reasons behind the occurrence of this error. Mac Mountain Lion fails to boot due to various reasons mentioned below:

Catalog File Corruption : This file stores all the information regarding mac volumes and their hierarchy. Once this file gets corrupted then all other system related files which are resposible for proper booting also gets affected which in turn prevents from booting of Mac OS.

Apple Map Damage : It is the table that holds partition information about Mac OS volumes. Damage of this table leads to Mac volume which can’t be booted.

Damaged/Bad Sectors : Hard drive develops several damaged and bad sectors on it with the passage of time. It can be due to several abnormal termination, head crash or when the drive gets old. When the bad sectors reaches those portion where system files are stored then it creates problems during booting.

Crash of Hard Disk : Crash of hard disk also leaves it inaccessible and non-bootable.

Once the Mountain Lion fails to boot due any of the above mentioned reasons then the data saved in it becomes inaccessible. To recover data from the that hard drive user can either go for Time Machine Backup or user Mac data recovery software. Data recovery from non-bootable mac volume can be easily done using third party mac data recovery software. It provides very simple GUI to recover any kind of lost, deleted, formatted files from any kind of memory device whether it be hard disk, pen drive, flash drive or any other memory card.

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