Restore trash items from Broken WD hard drive in Mac Mountain Lion

Accidentally I have broken my WD hard drive in Mac Mountain Lion after that I realize that I have lost my all valuable files or folders as well as also while connecting it showing troubleshoot that “My computer stops responding during startup”. I am really frustrated and I don’t know what to do now??? How I will resolve this troubleshoot?? How I will restore Trash items from Mac Mountain Lion??So, please help me!!!

Just relax….Because here you will get an effective solution of your troubleshoot which you have facing after broken WD hard drive on Mac Mountain Lion so, go through article….

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Resolution :

Step 1 : First disconnect all external devices as well as cables such as FireWire, Ethernet or USB.

Step 2 : Reconnect all devices and then, restart PC after connecting and if PC start up without stopping. In case if computer stop responding after connecting then, you should replace devices.

Step 3 : After that you need to find software install or restore disc which came with your PC as well as insert software install or restore disc into your PC’s optical drive.

Step 4 : After completing this process shut down your PC.

Step 5 : After this, if once it’s off then, hold down C key and start up PC because this will start up PC from software install and then, restore disc instead of your WD hard drive.

Step 6 : Mac Mountain Lion successfully starts up when started up from WD hard drive may have damaged and then, you can opt Archive and Install feature of Mac Mountain Lion installer to reinstall because a good copy software.

Step 7 : Suppose if you are unable to see then, hard disk which you install Mac then, use Disk Utility to repair or reformat your hard drive.

Step 8 : In case if you are unable to reformat hard drive as well as unable to see drive in Disk Utility then, try disk utility.

Step 9 : If you are unable to repair or reformat your Mac hard drive then, consult to Apple Retailer Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider.

Step 10 : Finally after replacing hard drive if you are still unable to see your hard disk utility then, need to replace midplane assembly.

However, suppose if you don’t have backup of your stuffs on WD hard drive which you have being lost from Trash bin and you want to recover your Trash items then, immediately use Mac Trash Recovery Software which help to get back of all lost or deleted Trash items from Mac Mountain Lion. This software is highly advanced and effective for recovery of lost or deleted files or folders because it has advanced algorithms for powerful scanning techniques that scan your completely trash and recover all trash stuffs effortlessly within a few minutes.

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